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Jag har, efter ett ganska långt blogguppehåll, börjat blogga igen! Och nu tycker jag det är kul.
På måndagar kommer jag att skriva om film/tv/galor och böcker; showbiz alltså! På tisdagar har jag vinyl-dag. Då går jag igenom vår skivsamling på vinyl och lyssnar till gamla och nya låtar och skriver om minnen och tankar kring det. På torsdagar får ni se minnen och höra berättelser genom saker jag har i hemmet och varför jag har de. På söndagar rapporterar jag om vilken film-mat jag lagat till under lördagen. Jag kommer laga mat som dykt upp i olika filmer och tv-serier, eller som har ett gemensamt tema för den månaden. Just nu håller jag på med mat från serien Mad Men.

onsdag, maj 13, 2009

I got tagged!

Jag blev taggad av reggieandfriends.

The rules are:
1. answer the questions on your blog
2. take away one question you don't like and add a new one.
3. tag 8 other people

1. which perfume do you use?
-Daisy by Marc Jacobs

2. song of the day?
-Theese boots are made for walking/Nancy Sinatra

3. what's for dinner today?

4. today's highlight?
-the morning-hug from Jack

5. what whould you really like to learn?

6. what was the last thing you bought?
-I got some gifts lately from my husband, but what I bought? A bus-ticket!

7. what's your favourite animal?

8. what's your most important goal at the moment?
-To make some progress at work.

9. what do you think of the person who tagged you?
-Nice! Love her store, and wish she had it located in "my" town.

10. what's the colour of your eyes?

11. if you could change something with yourself, what would that be?
-I don' want to change anything, because then it isn't me anymore....okay my cold!

12. if you could be anywhere in the world for the next hours, where would that be?

13. what do you find important with your friends?
- we support eachother!

14. Who have you been talking to on the phone today?
- My husband, my boss, by dad and johanna.

15. what's your dreamjob?

16. what's your favourite piece in your wardrobe?
-my green dress inspired by the fourties.

17. do you have any favourite models?
-I like the "old time" models.

18. 3 things that make you smile
-People smiling at me
- My family

19. what's your favourite song at the moment?
-"Jazzbacillen" with Siw Malmkvist

20. what's your favourite tv-series?
- Desperate Housewifes, SATC, Entourage...

21. what are you wearing at the moment?
-Black pants from H&M, blue t-shirt from my friend Maria and a black cardigan from Monki.

22. what's your favourite sweets?
-Candy, fruit and cookies!

23. who's your role model for style?
-Everyone that isn't a slave for fashion. Everyone that creates their own fashion!

24. what was the last film you saw?
- Michael Clayton

I tag:
Lady thirty
Sandy loves retro
Little rascal
Sandy de luxe
Rock it baby, rock it


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